Episode 17: Jurassic Park

We're joined by filmmaker and storyteller Emily Roth to discuss everyone's favorite dinosaur/cloning movie! There's a lot of DNA in Jurassic Park, and not just from dinosaurs! The novel and film's "DNA" can be traced to real-life STEM breakthroughs and practices of the entertainment and tourism industries, and classic science fiction literature, starting with the... Continue Reading →

Episode 16: Russian Doll

Does it ever feel like you're reliving the same day over and over? You're not alone! In this episode we look into the history of time loop stories (including Groundhog Day), as well as the psychology of memory and deja vu, the mental health issues explored in the series, and Russian Doll's many connections to... Continue Reading →

Episode 14: A Christmas Prince

Honestly, this episode was a long time coming. A Christmas Prince is rich in cultural influences, from the lives and loves of historical real-life royals, to classic fairy tales, to... investigative journalism, I guess? We also discuss other vitally important topics, like the dystopian alternate universe in which the movies take place and the cultural... Continue Reading →

Episode 13: Captain Marvel

We're back from Geek Girl Con and ready to talk about our adventures and the pop DNA of Captain Marvel! We even talked to Carol Danvers herself (well, some Captain Marvel cosplayers) to find out her thoughts. (There was a little cussing that we left in, to honor Carol.) We dive into the comics, looking... Continue Reading →

Episode 12: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

We've enlisted the help of fellow That's Not Canon podcasters Jane and Kristen for our discussion of everyone's favorite teenage witch. We dive into portrayals of witches on page and screen, witches and witchcraft throughout history, including the infamous Salem Witch Trials, and figure out which Sabrina character we each identify with. Get more bonus... Continue Reading →

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