Pride & Prejudice – LIT(erature) Summer


Welcome to LIT(erature) Summer! This is the first installment of our three-episode summer series looking at the lasting cultural impact of classic literature works.

Jane Austen’s most famous novel has influenced modern pop culture in a myriad of ways, from its many popular film, TV, and other media adaptations, to current popular fiction, to basically being responsible for the romantic comedy film genre. Listen here, download, or find us anywhere you listen to podcasts, and check out the links below. They are very agreeable.


Our commentary for the 2005 film

A better story recap than ours

Jane Austen and the Marriage Plot

Why do we still love Jane Austen?

Huffington Post’s rankings of Austen modernizations

Jane Austen and the RomCom

Why does Hallmark ruin everything?

Ben Wyatt is Mr. Darcy



Retellings and Modernizations

  • Literature
    • Pride, Ibi Zoboi
    • Bridget Jones’ Diary, Helen Fielding
    • Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Seth Graeme-Smith
    • Eligible, Curtis Sittenfeld
    • Heartstone, Elle Katharine White
    • Ayesha At Last, Uzma Jalaluddin


  • Film/TV
    • Lost in Austen
    • Austenland
    • The Lizzy Bennet Diaries
    • Bride and Prejudice
    • Pride & Prejudice: Atlanta


Rhonda’s favorite Georgette Heyer novels:

  • The Grand Sophy
  • Bath Tangle
  • Arabella


Erin’s favorite Sarah Dessen novels:

  • Once and For All
  • St. Anything
  • Along for the Ride


Our Favorite Parks & Prejudice Memes




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