Captain Marvel

Scarlet Witch + Jessica Jones!

We’re back from Geek Girl Con and ready to talk about our adventures and the pop DNA of Captain Marvel! We even talked to Carol Danvers herself (well, some Captain Marvel cosplayers) to find out her thoughts. (There was a little cussing that we left in, to honor Carol.)

We dive into the comics, looking at that whole DC/Marvel rivalry and how that plays into the history of the character. We also explore the psychology of Carol Danvers, plus the pop culture of the 1990s, classic science fiction novels, and the real-life US Air Force, all of which influenced the 2019 film. Finally, we look forward to the future of female superheroes and superhero movies. Higher, further, faster, baby!

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Just for Fun

All the 1990s pop culture references in Captain Marvel

Which character are you?

  • Quiz 1 (Rhonda = Talos; Erin = Carol)
  • Quiz 2 (Rhonda = Yon Rogg [Yikes!]; Erin = Talos)

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