A Christmas Prince


Honestly, this episode was a long time coming.

A Christmas Prince is rich in cultural influences, from the lives and loves of historical real-life royals, to classic fairy tales, to… investigative journalism, I guess?

We also discuss other vitally important topics, like the dystopian alternate universe in which the movies take place and the cultural relevance of Volvos. (Volvo is not a sponsor of Pop DNA.)

Our commentary for Netflix’s The Knight Before Christmas is free on our Patreon page!  Happy Holidays!

Further Reading

Screenwriter’s Royal inspirations, as told to Entertainment Tonight

Empress Michiko

More real-life Royal-Commoner marriages

The Brothers Grimm story of Rumpelstiltskin

The geography of A Christmas Prince

More information on Spina Bifida

Just For Fun

Jenny Nicholson’s Dystopian Alternate Reality theory:

Amber’s “Journalism” Notes
What is the deal with Volvos?????

Which Character Are You?

(Rhonda = Princess Emily; Erin = Prince Richard)

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