Jurassic Park

JurassicFrankensteinWe’re joined by filmmaker and storyteller Emily Roth to discuss everyone’s favorite dinosaur/cloning movie!

There’s a lot of DNA in Jurassic Park, and not just from dinosaurs! The novel and film’s “DNA” can be traced to real-life STEM breakthroughs and practices of the entertainment and tourism industries, and classic science fiction literature, starting with the mother of the genre, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Plus Emily gives us a filmmaker’s perspective on the whole franchise!

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For Fun

Which Character Are You? Quiz (Rhonda = Lex; Erin = Ellie; Emily = Steven Spielberg)

Chip Kidd, the designer of Jurassic Park‘s iconic book cover, gave this fantastic TED Talk in 2012, telling the stories behind several other covers, as well. Watch here.

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