BONUS! Saturday Night Live, Laugh, Love

SNLIt’s Rhonda’s birthday so it’s time for a Bonus Episode celebrating all our favorite things about SNL! Listen on Spotify, Apple, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Live from our houses, it’s Pop DNA! We decided to talk about all our favorite Saturday Night Live sketches, cast members, and hosts, past and present. We also dig a little into the history of the show and why we think it’s lasted so long, plus a special guest stops by!

Further Exploration


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2010 documentary by James Franco

2015 Writers’ interview


Buzzfeed’s list of fun facts

Mental Floss’s list of fun facts

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Entertainment Weekly’s ranking of Weekend Update anchors

SNL sketches that have been adapted for movies


Which skit are you? (Erin = Celebrity Jeopardy; Rhonda = SAMESIES!)

Which classic character are you? (Erin = Stefon; Rhonda = The Continental)

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