Riverdale: Character Studies

In part three of our Riverdale series, we dive into the shows characters and their many facets. We dig a little deeper into the literary discussion we started in part 2 by looking at the themes and devices used to distinguish and develop Riverdale’s teens. We also explore the psychological implications of perfection as experienced by several of the female characters. 

Literary References

Gothic Fiction

Riverdale has some elements of Gothic fiction, though it is not a Gothic story overall. The Gothic elements include

  • Place as Character: Riverdale as the Antihero
  • young woman (Veronica) arriving in a new, mysterious place that is character in itself and that is hiding secret dangers

Psychological References

 Madonna-Whore Complex

  •        Betty and Veronica
  •        Cheryl

 Psychological Impacts of Perfection

          We also take a look at the different ways that the women of Riverdale combat the confines of perfection that have been thrust upon them. Our conversation focuses here on how different the following women face this ideal that women must be pristine examples of purity.

  •      Betty
  •      Veronica
  •      Josie
  •      Cheryl

Further Reading

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