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We at Pop DNA deeply value education; in fact, we both have educator backgrounds and we created the show out of a love of life-long learning. Our monthly discussions on the podcast connect classic literature and historical and cultural topics with current popular media, exploring how the past is still relevant today.

While culture and storytelling mediums may have changed, human nature, and what makes a good story, have not.

School Visits

Are you looking for a way to bring a past era or literary work to life for your students? Or to foster discussion that will lead them to make meaningful connections between those past eras or works and their own lives?

Pop DNA’s hosts, Erin and Rhonda, use their experience as educators and passion for fostering those very connections to bring an interactive presentation and discussion tailored for your students’ needs and interests right into your classroom.

School visit packages include film suggestions, materials, and talking points for the days leading up to the visit.


Podcasting Workshops

Podcasting is a fun, creative way to engage students in class content, whether you as the teacher are recording shows for your students to listen to, or having your students record their own podcasts to demonstrate comprehension.

If you are looking for a way to incorporate this media form into your curriculum, we offer podcasting workshops perfect for a class period or teacher workshop day. We’ll send you equipment recommendations beforehand, but you’d be surprised how little you’ll need for your students to start podcasting right away!


Use our Contact Form to inquire about School Visits and Podcasting Workshops.

*As we are located in Tacoma, Washington, School Visits and Podcasting Workshops are limited at this time to locations within the Seattle/Tacoma Metro area; other locations in Western Washington may be possible, but may require an extra transportation charge. Remote or Webinar workshops and discussions are in development.


Lesson Plans

Stay tuned for tips on how to use Pop DNA episodes in the classroom, and access lesson plans written by Erin O’Loughlin, M.Ed. (K-3 and Sp.Ed.) and Rhonda Watts, B.A. (English Lit) through Teachers Pay Teachers.



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