Episode 11: Indiana Jones

Welcome to Season Two! We are starting the season off with a bang and talking about everyone's favorite professor, Indiana Jones, joined by Rhonda's brother and longtime Indy fan Keith! We look into the film franchise's roots in adventure serials from the 1930s, dabble in the history of archaeology, and discuss what the Nazis were... Continue Reading →

Episode 10: Beauty and the Beast – LIT(erature) Summer

It's our last LIT(erature) Summer episode and the end of Season One! We're looking at the original 18th Century French fairy tale Beauty and the Beast and trying (unsuccessfully) to not reference Disney. We delve into other Beast and Beauty tales and the lasting impact of the story on literature, film, and culture. Support the... Continue Reading →

Episode 9: Hamlet LIVE! – LIT(erature) Summer

For our very first live show and second installment of LIT(erature) Summer, we explore the lasting cultural influence of William Shakespeare's Hamlet, from The Lion King, to Star Wars, to Jordan Peele's Us, and more! We also delve a little into Shakespeare's life, Hamlet's major themes, and how much Erin loves the play and Rhonda hates it.... Continue Reading →

BONUS! Geek Out: Christmas in July

  We are going full-on Hallmark Channel in this Christmas movie Geek Out episode! We look into what makes a movie a Christmas movie, what we consider the "classics," and which ones you should never watch, plus we write our own movie to pitch to Hallmark. God Bless us Everyone! (Don't forget about our live... Continue Reading →

BONUS! Commentary: Pride & Prejudice (2005)

Totally spontaneous commentary track in anticipation of our first LIT(erature) Summer episode, Pride & Prejudice. We know you want to hear all our P&P thoughts, from the gorgeous score, to all the men's sideburns, to the strangely high number of hams, to Keira Knightley's perfect fringe. Stream the movie here or buy the DVD here.

Episode 7: The Lord of the Rings

Hope you've had your elevenses because we are travelling through Middle Earth this month, with our friend Rebecca and the Fellowship of the Ring! ...and The Two Towers, and The Return of the King... We look at how Tolkien was influenced by his experience in WWI, his Catholic Faith, and mythology, as well as the... Continue Reading →

BONUS! Geek Out: We Need to Talk About Horror

BONUS EPISODE! We decided to talk about horror movies, in this our first official Geek Out episode! We discuss some of our favorite horror flicks, from the good to the so-bad-they're-good to the ones with zombies. Listen at your own risk! Listen here or download A couple corrections: I mistakenly said in the episode that... Continue Reading →

Episode 6: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

High School is Hell. Our discussion of Buffy's Pop DNA explores the roots of vampire legends and literature, the show's psychology and social commentary, and connections to our literary BFF, William Shakespeare. I officially have no more words. I slay all day. Listen on Spotify, iTunes, and Google, and check out the links below: The... Continue Reading →

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